Lake Tulloch Lions Club

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                                                       HOSTING A LIONS CLUB DINNER

Sign up with Casey Terminello for the month you choose to host. You may host alone, or pal up with someone else.

Set a venue. One that can COMFORTABLY hold approximately 50 people. The armory is a good choice, because we have reserved it for every 2nd Wednesday of the month, but you are not limited to location.

Choose a menu. It can be potluck, catered, cooked by you, or obtained from a
restaurant. Please do your best to keep all expenses down to $15 or less per
person. That should also include tax and tips. Don’t forget place settings and table covers, if you are using them. A theme dinner is always fun, such as a holiday that occurs in your month, or food from another country. Have fun with it!

Using the most current membership list, call everyone on the list. Start a week
or two before the dinner. Keep careful notes of who is coming and who is not. If people are bringing guests, they should let you know at that time, but be prepared for last minute guests! Be sure to remind members that they are welcome to bring wine, beer, etc., if the dinner is being held at the Armory. If you are using another venue, it is usually not appropriate to bring your own drinks.

A day or two before the event, if you are using a caterer or restaurant, call to 
make sure everything is running smoothly and the food will be ready as promised.

If you plan on using the Armory, make sure to get the combination to the back door from Casey. Arrive early to arrange tables and chairs, and set tables.

Bring your list of members that will be attending. The treasurer will give you
an envelope with $100 in small bills so you can make change, and a check to pay
the caterer. Make sure to get a receipt from them. As people arrive, collect their money and check them off the list.

So, your dinner went well and you’re exhausted. You’re not done yet! Make sure
the treasurer gets your money envelope. If you are having your event at the Armory, you will need to make sure everything gets put back and cleaned up. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of fellow Lions to help you with that. Turn off the lights, lock the door, and walk away knowing you did your part for your Lions Club.